Security Services

Security & Safety

The Security Division is responsible for the administration and operation of our 24-hour/ 7-day a week security for our private community. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Courteous and diligent gate ambassadors attending to our access gates
  • 24-hr dispatch attending to community service requests
  • 24-hr patrols by marked security vehicles

Important Numbers

Compliance Hotline (Anonymous) 949-268-CALL
Lost & Found Message Line 949-597-4435
RV Storage Inquiries 949-268-2284
Security Communications (24/7) 949-580-1400
Disaster Preparedness Task Force 949-597-4237

Suspect a Community Rule Violation?

In order to protect and encourage the wellness, safety and harmony of the residents of Laguna Woods Village, there are rules and restrictions to which residents must abide. Each resident of the Community is obligated to comply with the rules, terms, and conditions as set forth in their Mutuals’ governing documents. The Mutual Boards actively administer these rules, and engage their staff to enforce them.

The Compliance Department at Laguna Woods Village receives written complaints from residents on matters alleging a violation of Mutual rules.

The most common rule violations include:

  • Occupancy Violations
  • Alteration Violations
  • Clutter Complaints
  • Noise and other Nuisance Complaints

The Boards of Directors have established a member-discipline process to ensure compliance with Community rules.

If a resident suspects a violation of community rules is occurring, they are encouraged to complete a complaint form to request an investigation. The complaint forms can be picked up at the Laguna Woods Village Community Center information wall or downloaded below. The Compliance Department will investigate and follow appropriate action per the Board approved member-discipline process.

Download Compliance Request Form

Emergency Operations Plan

The Laguna Woods Village Emergency Operations Plan (Plan) aligns with industry standard protocols and addresses the specific threats Laguna Woods Village may face. The Plan conforms to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS), and has received the "Excellence in Disaster Preparedness" award from the American Red Cross. The document serves as a quick-start guide to the Emergency Operations Plan. The information contained in this Plan details the guidelines and protocols that are essential for handling a disaster as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Download Emergency Operations Plan

Lost & Found

If you have lost or found an item in the Village, call 949-597-4435 or email You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Emergency Notification Record

The Emergency Notification Record form is mailed out each year in the annual mailing. You may also print the form below, fill it out, and return it to the Community Center.

View Emergency Notification Record

Bicycle Registration Program

Laguna Woods Village Security is providing a voluntary bicycle registration program for community residents to raise bicycle theft awareness and reduce the number of unrecovered bicycles throughout the Village.

View Bicycle Registration Form

RV Storage

There are two Recreation Vehicle (RV) storage areas. One is located at Moulton Parkway near Ridge Route Drive; and the other on Via Campo Verde off of Moulton Parkway. Trucks, trailers, vans, boats and other recreational vehicles, as defined in the California Vehicle Code, may be stored in RV lots by owners who are Laguna Woods Village residents. RV Parking is not permitted in residential areas, except during loading and unloading for a period not to exceed six hours. The rules, established by GRF and the Mutual Corporations require that all such vehicles be parked in the RV lots.

Residents may contact Laguna Woods Village Security to arrange for RV rental space at 949-268-2284.

RV Parking Rules & Regulations