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Return of the Village Bazaar!

Browse artisans’ creations and vendors’ second-hand items during this outdoor-only event.

How Do My Guests Enter the Village?

A guide to DwellingLive for convenience and ease

In the Event of Disaster

This survey can help resident volunteers help your pets in an emergency.

April/May 2021 Village Breeze

Discover what's inside the latest issue!

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Check Out MA Bimonthly News Bulletins

Manor Alterations division offers news, information and updates.

Library, History Center Reopen May 5

Resident bibliophiles, movie aficionados and avid historians are in luck.

Third Special Election Tackles Insurance

If current requirements remain, members face a yearly assessment increase of up to $93 per manor per month.

Spring Virtual Dialogue Society Events

Join an origami session, an art tutorial and a fraud and scam protection workshop.