Golden Rain Foundation

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GRF is responsible for seven clubhouses, five pools, two fitness centers, the equestrian center and trails, two garden centers, two golf courses, the tennis complex, plus the fine arts and crafts facilities. GRF oversees those important services residents count on: the private bus system, security patrols, gates, cable system, roads, parking lots, and the maintenance of all common buildings and properties. GRF also oversees Laguna Woods Village's extensive social and recreational programs. GRF Board Directors are elected by the Members of three Mutual Housing Boards and serve three-year overlapping terms. Approximately one third of the Board seats are filled by annual election. Each member of a mutual corporation is a resident member of Golden Rain Foundation of Laguna Woods. Members of the boards of the mutual housing corporations exercise the voting power for electing members of the GRF Board. GRF's affairs are governed by a board of directors of resident members elected by the corporation members.

Board Members

Board Meetings

Golden Rain Foundation board meetings are typically held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 9:30AM in the Board Room. Refer to the online Board Calendar for specific meeting dates & times.


Community Activities Committee

The Community Activities Committee ensures that our residents safely remain fit, engaged, and entertained.

Finance Committee

Review the capital requirements, service levels and projected revenues related to the Financial Services Division operations and recommend appropriate action to the GRF Strategic Planning Committee. The committee meets bimonthly on the third Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Community Center Board Room.

Mobility and Vehicles Committee

The Mobility and Vehicles Committee serves as liaison between the Golden Rain Foundation Board of Directors and Village Management Services, Inc. for all transportation issues and to ensure that transportation services meet the needs of the community.

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee keeps our 21 acres of property beautiful, healthy, and ecologically responsible.

Maintenance and Construction Committee

Thousands of buildings, residences, and facilities need constant upkeep so they remain pleasing and safe. The Maintenance and Construction Committee oversees these important responsibilities.

Media and Communications Committee

Our Media and Communications Committee ensures that all of our residents and employees remain aware and informed on all important issues and concerns. The committee meets quarterly on the third Monday of January, April, July and October at 1:30 p.m. in the Community Center Board Room.

Security and Community Access Committee

Our Security and Community Access Committee ensures that all of our 18,500 residents remain safe and sound.

Laguna Woods Traffic Hearings

Laguna Woods Village Traffic Hearings are held to ensure that the community remains safe and that traffic violations are considered and judged fairly.