Assessments Made Easy With EZPay

The Golden Rain Foundation and your housing mutual offer you the opportunity to make your monthly homeowner’s assessment payments automatically through the auto-debit EZPay program. This can be accomplished by providing your written authorization to transfer funds from your checking or savings account on the 6th of each month.

Your payments will be made without fail and with no chance of incurring a late charge resulting from a delay in the mail service. On vacation or out of the area? It’s not a problem with EZPay. If you would like to have your payments made automatically, the following information will help you to get EZPay set up:

EZPay forms: Find the EZPay authorization form at > Residents > Financial Services or request one from a customer service representative in Resident Services at the Community Center. The form authorizes Laguna Woods Village to withdraw funds to pay your monthly assessment fee.

Withdrawal date: EZPay withdraws on the 6th of every month, unless the 6th falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case it will withdraw on the next business day. 

How to set up a new EZPay account: Complete and sign the EZ Pay authorization form and attach a voided check to the application.

How to update information for a current EZPay account: Complete an EZPay authorization form updating the information that has changed. If your account number has changed, provide a new voided check with the form. 

How to cancel the EZPay account: Find the cancellation EZPay form at > Residents > Financial Services or request one from a customer service representative in Resident Services at the Community Center. Complete and sign the form.

How to turn in the new EZPay, updated EZPay or EZPay cancellation forms:

  • Email: (Remember to scan the voided check with the application.)
  • Mail: Laguna Woods Village, Attn: Manor Payments, P.O. Box 2220, Laguna Hills, CA 92654-2220 
  • In person: Give it to a customer service representative at the Community Center or place the application and voided check (if required) in an envelope, and place the sealed envelope in the drop box located on the wall outside of Resident Services. 

Turn-in date: Forms must be turned in before or by the 25th of the current month to be effective the following month (i.e., turned in September 25 to be effective October 1). If you are a new owner and escrow paid the first month assessment for the manor, the EZPay will be effective the second month.

Confirmations: Due to the volume of forms received each month for new and updated account information, the Financial Services Department cannot send out individual confirmations upon receiving forms. Assume that the application will be processed if you sent it in prior to the monthly deadline. If a payment was not withdrawn the following month after you turned in the form, please contact the accounts receivable specialist at 949-597-4217. If you get a voicemail message, please leave your name, phone number and manor number, and explain you are inquiring why an EZPay withdrawal was not made.

General EZPay inquiries: or 949-597-4217 

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