Turf War

Most of the turf in the Village is Kikuyu grass which is native to the highland regions of East Africa, home to the Kikuyu people. It is a warm-season grass that spreads quickly and thrives in areas with moderate temperatures. It is seldom intentionally established as a residential turfgrass and due to its very invasive nature, Kikuyu grass is often referred to as a “super weed.”

Kikuyu grass is a warm-weather grass and goes dormant in cooler weather, often appearing dead in its dormant state. Once the seasons change and the weather starts to warm up, it emerges from its dormancy and gains an extremely vigorous growth habit. Kikuyu grass spreads quickly by its extensive underground root structure, referred to as rhizomes, and vigorous horizontal surface stems, known as stolons. Under ideal growing conditions, it can grow up to 1 inch a day in warmer weather.

Due to the seasonal nature of the Kikuyu grass and all the rains we received, the broadleaf weeds have overtaken much of the turf areas in the Village. Since broadleaf treatments are ineffective in wet weather, staff has not been able to get out and maintain the turf. Now that the weather has cleared, staff will attack the weeds in the shrub beds and turf areas with vigor.

Staff traditionally treated weeds in shrub beds Monday through Wednesday so the flags would not be out over the weekends. For the foreseeable future, staff will treat weeds five days a week and leave the flags out over the weekends. We apologize for any inconvenience but this is the only way to get the weeds under control.

Additionally, following mowing, pest control staff will treat broadleaf weeds in the turf on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Maintenance crews will then follow and prepare and reseed large areas as they come through the Village on their regular rounds. Irrigation times will be increased to assist the germination of the seed and white flags will be placed around reseeded areas to alert mowers of areas to avoid. Once the seed has sufficiently germinated, the irrigation will be reduced and white flags removed.

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