Residents Share Feedback

Did you know that each time a work order is completed, the resident who initiated it receives a customer satisfaction survey?

The program, launched in February, seeks feedback on service orders and staff assignments (program maintenance requests, such as those for water heaters, electrical panels, fumigations, etc., are not included in this survey).

In March, VMS modified the survey to reflect board member input, which was to add a maintenance-specific question and a free-form comment section that asked what VMS could to do improve service levels.

Through April, 7,346 surveys were sent and VMS received 1,770 responses for a 24% response rate.

Five stars is the highest rating possible on the rating scale and one star is the lowest. All negative comments receive regular follow-up. Below are the questions featured in the survey, along with responses received, the average response and the assignment of stars received per the rating scale.

How was your Resident Services experience?

1,623 responses; average response: 4.53 stars

  • Five stars: 1,243
  • Four stars: 181
  • Three stars: 87
  • Two stars: 43
  • One star: 69

How was your maintenance experience?

1,121 responses; average response: 4.52 stars

  • Five stars: 875
  • Four stars: 109
  • Three stars: 50
  • Two stars: 18
  • One star: 69

Please rate time to respond.

1,640 responses; average response: 4.48 stars

  • Five stars: 1,239
  • Four stars: 176
  • Three stars: 87
  • Two stars: 50
  • One star: 88

Please rate employee courtesy.

1,611 responses; average response: 4.76 stars

  • Five stars: 1,419
  • Four stars: 95
  • Three stars: 42
  • Two stars: 13
  • One star: 42

Please rate whether expectations were met.

1,621 responses; average response: 4.47

  • Five stars: 1,263
  • Four stars: 133
  • Three stars: 71
  • Two stars: 33
  • One star: 121

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