Fine Scottish Lad Joins Equestrian Center

A new horse has joined the GRF herd! Giuseppe, “Gus,” is a 15.3-hand, 14-year-old Clydesdale cross whose background is in trail and western riding. He’s a big, strong guy who can carry larger adult riders and sports a beautiful bay color with a big white blaze and four tall white socks—making him a horse with lots of “chrome,” as they say in the horse world.

He is friendly and engaging and often nickers softly to Equestrian Center staff when they approach or walk by, like he’s saying “Hi, friend! Are you here for me?” He is a walk/trot/canter lesson horse with beautiful movement and loads of potential. He’s fun to ride, responsive and careful with unbalanced riders, slowing down if someone feels unsteady on his back. 

Take a tour of the Equestrian Center and meet Gus, who enjoys and is kind to horse and human friends alike. Simply arrive at a scheduled tour time, sign in, and Equestrian Center staff will greet and prepare you for a fun and informative tour. No reservations are necessary, but close-toed shoes are required to interact with any horse. Every tour features a photo opportunity with a GRF-owned horse at the conclusion of the event.

Tour schedule:

  • Wednesday and Thursday: 2 p.m.
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 12:30 and 2 p.m.

The Equestrian Center is located at 24312 El Toro Road.

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