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High Speed Internet

New Speeds Available

West Coast Internet provides high-speed internet services to the Laguna Woods Village community. West Coast Internet has four service levels available for residents with pricing starting at just $23.50/monthly.

To request high-speed Internet services, please call West Coast Internet directly at one of the following numbers:

New Service: (949) 487-3302
Billing Service: (949) 487-3303
Tech Support: (949) 487-3307

Digital Rates & Charges

Advertised speeds may vary depending on the number of devices, age of equipment or during peak hours. Installation includes up to 12 ft. of cable measured along the perimeter of the wall from the operating cable outlet to the computer workstation. In order to avoid the need to reschedule service, please discuss your installation requirements with West Coast Internet when work is being scheduled and before the technician arrives at your home. Installation fees may apply to customers who require additional cable or outlet modification. The cost will be based on the amount of time and materials required.

Cable Modems

Cable Modem With Installation - $95 (Tax Included)
Cable Modem Drop Off for Self Installation - $75 (Tax Included)
Reactivation Fee - $20
Modem & Standalone Wireless Router - $250 (Tax / Installation Included)

Using Your Own Modem or Router

Modem activation or reactivation fee - $20

Firewall and anti-virus protection is recommended