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Cable TV Services

Cable TV Services

GRF Broadband Services provides quality cable television and high-speed internet services to the Laguna Woods Village community. Every home in the community is wired to receive cable television and internet services. In order to receive all available channels, a set top box is required.

Broadband Services Customer Service Phone Number: (949)837-2670

Digital Rates & Channels

Please note all fees and channel lineups are subject to change. Additional fees for installation and taxes.


Digital Installation - $42 for the first TV/device and $21 for each additional
Service Charge - $31.50 for the first TV/device/item and $20 for each additional
Cable Line / New Outlet - $52.50-$105 (one-time fee per occurrence)
Large Jobs Available by Quote - $31.50 (one-time fee per occurrence)
Reactivation Fee - $52.50 (fee per occurrence)

Available For Purchase

CableCARD (2-way) - $49.95/each & $5.20 monthly programming fee
Polaris Remote Control - $12/each
All pricing subject to a 5% city tax

Channel Guides

Refer to the Channel Guides below for information regarding channels available with your Cable TV package.

Channel Guides