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Promotes interest in horsemanship, riding and related social events.

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Gary Empfield


The Equestrian Center was the first amenity built in Leisure World.  The stables and Saddle Club have a rich history here.

The inclusion of the stables and trail system in the heart of Orange County makes Laguna Woods special.  Every resident has the opportunity to ride the 12 GRF horses for lessons and trail rides at reasonable fees.  In addition to the GRF horses that we own in common, stalls exist for boarding horses that belong to individual residents.

The Saddle Club's purpose is to promote interest in horses and horsemanship, to encourage Laguna Woods residents and their guests to participate in the riding programs, and to provide opportunities for them to attend social events planned by the club.  The Saddle Club provides "cowboy coffee" free of charge for the community.

 The calendar and events we sponsor contribute to a vibrant community.  These are announced in the Saddle Up column of the Laguna Woods Globe.  The club provides educational (and fun!) trips to horse related events, all at low cost to the residents.  These trips raise money to fund the purchase of such things as saddle and helmets for the riding program.  The club has work days to help maintain clean boots and clean trails.

Members of Saddle Club are an important part of the Village Equestrian Center.  We have fun and hope you will join us.

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