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Quilters' Club

If you are a quilter we have the place for you.  Come join us.  The Crazy Quilters Guild meets:

Board Meeting 

1st Wednesday of the Month

1:00 pm, Clubhouse 4 (knitting room)

General Meeting

2nd Wednesday of the Month (Dark in July)

1:00 pm, Clubhouse 7

-- Check in starts at 12:30 --

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Patricia Clark, President


craZY QUILTERs' guild

The purpose of this Guild shall be:  To provide a creative atmosphere for quilters from Laguna Woods Village, to share knowledge of methods and techniques, to socialize and to encourage each member’s creativity and talent in the field of quilt making and related subjects.

In 2001 a small group of quilters here in the village, founded the Guild we now call CRAZY QUILTERS’ GUILD OF LAGUNA WOODS. This group of quilters are referred to as Charter Members. 

President's Message

By Vanda Bresnan - 2017

As this is my final message as president, I would like to say it has been a true pleasure to serve. There have been many ups and downs, lots of opinions expressed and fortunately we have members who are willing to jump in with both feet to save the day.

We have a great core of members and under the leadership of Pat Clark we will succeed.   So have a wonderful 2018.

By Pat Clark - 2018

Welcome to a new Crazy Quilters' Guild of Laguna Woods Village year.   I look forward to serving you as your President during 2018.   But before I get into that, I want to thank Vanda Bresnan for all her work over the past 3-1/2 years.   Having to step up and take over after a resignation and then extending her time due to our change from fiscal to calendar year was certainly appreciated.   THANK YOU VANDA!

I'm sure it will be an exciting year and there are several of our newer members in chairmen positions and I think this is going to result in a rejuvenation of our guild.   So many of our
long-time members have stepped up to the plate to see that our general meetings and yearly events were successful.   It's time for them to step down and mentor our newer members in these jobs, but giving them free reign to come up with their own creative ideas.   I'm still working on some of these chair positions, but hope to have everyone in place by our January
10th general meeting..

Our new Crazy Quilters website within the Laguna Woods Village website is coming along and hopefully will be up and running sometime in January.

Linda Nelson is ready to meet & greet all of you in the lobby of Club House 7 for our general guild meeting.   Please show her the respect you showed me by making sure you stop and check in.   REMEMBER, we could lose this wonderful meeting place if another club could fill this room.   It is important that we have an accurate count of the members who attend.   Linda has to submit a form listing the number of members attending.   If you come in late, please let Linda know so she can adjust her count.   Thank you all for complying with this.

Also, for those who have not paid their dues for the 2018 year, please do so at the January guild meeting if you want to be listed in the guild's Membership Directory.   Speaking of the directory, if you need to make changes to your listed information, please advise Linda ASAP.


Our Guild is a philanthropic club.  We give quilts that we make to several organizations.   The Guild has a drop-in on Tuesdays (4 pm - 8 pm) and Thursdays (1 pm - 8 pm) at Club House 4 Quilting Classroom.  During most Thursdays, we will have philanthropy projects and activities available for you to work on in the room or to take home and return at another time. Philanthropy is never a requirement to use the room. Come join us on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for fun and friendship, to work on your quilts or help us with a Guild project, whatever suits you.
Note: The following quilt-size requirements for philanthropy:
- Long Beach Veterans Hospital (LBVA): Bed-size quilts, 80” by 70” (a little bit one way or the other is acceptable).
- Our local Fire Department (Firehouse #21): We make quilts 90” x 60” to fit their extra long twin beds.
- Orangewood Children's Home: Orangewood gives each child their own quilt on arrival. Children come in all sizes from newborn to teens,
   so quilts can be any size.


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