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Sequence Dance Club

Would you like to learn partner dancing at one of the most friendly atmosphere?
Join our one of 4 classes ... or all 4 classes every Saturday!
Grab your dance shoes and meet us at Clubhouse 1 Multi purpose room. 

Starting at 4PM!

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Patrick Chiu

For  class description
Call Rayna : 310-339-3554

You will learn ...
* Basic steps, mandatory technique, how to lead, how to follow
* Lady's styling, Leading technique
* How to turn without getting dizzy
* Beautiful postures
* How to dance fast dance fast, slow dance slow and gracefully

We offer Salsa dance, West coast swing, Tango fusion, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba , the list goes on ...

From beginners to seasoned dancers, everyone find something new to learn from our 4 different classes. (Dance changes every  other month)

♥♥♥  Part 1 : 4PM~5PM  January ~February \ LA style Salsa                                     
             : 5PM~6PM  Social dance Technique that improve over all dance skill  
             : 6PM~7PM  Laguna Woods Performance Team 101                          
      ♦♦ Attending Performance is NOT mandatory.  Just to enjoy learning stunning steps you never learn in the group class. 
               And you will enjoy fun dancing as a part of the team.
              Currently we are working our fist Cha Cha routine and  "Rueda" basics.        ♦♦ No costume involved♦♦  Here is the link of our first performance.      Social Dance Class 101 Performance #1

♥♥♥ Part 2 : 7PM~9PM Current Dance is “Tango-Fusion” until end of February.  American tango based social dance. Drop in and 2 Left-Feeters are welcomed ♪♫♪♫
Here is the sample Tango-fusion video by the instructor of this class  

Part 1 \ 3 hours $5 for everyone  (No annual membership fee)
Part 2 \ 2 hours $3 for non-members  (Annual membership $80 Laguna Woods Residents \ Non-residents $90) 

Clubhouse 1 Multi Pupose Room: 24232 Calle Aragon, Laguna Woods, CA 92637

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