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College Club

Founded in 1991, the purpose of the COLLEGE CLUB in Laguna Woods Village is to promote and stimulate the educational, cultural, civic, and social interests of its members.

Eligibility: Members must have a 4-year college degree or higher; 90% of the members must reside in Laguna Woods Village.

Fiscal Year: July - June

Annual Dues: $15.00 Covid-19 Year 2020.  $25.00 Normal

Contact Us

Dixie Towers, President             949-576-1407 (land line):  

Pat Freeman, VP Membership



Members must have a 4-year college degree or higher, 90% of members must reside in Laguna Woods Village.  Annual Dues:  $25.00

Monthly Meeting, Luncheon and Guest Speaker

The monthly meeting has been suspended until VMS CEO, Jeff Parker, announces planned openings that effect the College Club.

Lunch Bunch 

Purpose: To enjoy a late morning movie and discuss afterwards at lunch. Meets the Saturday after the 3rd Wednesday College Club meeting. Members alternate in choosing movie and restaurant. Dutch treat

Ethnic Dining
Purpose: To experience ethnic foods in a social gathering in a restaurant setting. Members meet on the 4th Thursday of the month, except November and December. Time and place determined by alternating hosts/hostesses.

Other Interest Groups Include:  Book Review, Bridge-A-Rama, Bridge Fun Day, and Mah Jongg 

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