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Officers - Anna Chu & Eliza Lipton


The following list of clubs or special interest groups are not affiliated with LWV Cantonese Club (LWVCC), but these groups may be independently run by members of LWVCC.  Interested LWVCC members please contact us at for further details, or contact the group leaders directly.

  1. Hiking Group 遠足小组 - This group meets weekly on Thursday mornings (~10 am - 12 Noon) for a 2-hour hike on hiking trails within Orange County.  Different trail may be selected each week, and members meet at trailhead independently.  FREE to join.
  2. Taichi Practice Group 太極練習 - This group meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays at 9AM to 10AM to practice various taichi forms, such as 8 Pieces of Brocade to warmup 八段錦, Yang Form 24 楊氏24式簡化太極拳, Competition Form 42 太極42式拳競賽套路, Yang Form 85 楊氏傳統85式太極拳, Yang Sword Form 51 楊氏傳統51式太極劍, Yang Saber Form 13 傳統楊氏13式太極刀.  This list is subject to change, based on the interest of group participants.  Meeting place will be CH2 outdoors (behind or in front of the clubhouse).  No formal lessons will be provided, but the practice sessions will be led by members who are versed in these forms.  FREE to join.
  3. Chen Style Taichi Group 陳式太極 - This group meets Monday to Saturday (except Thursdays) at 9 - 10:30 am to practice Chen Style Taichi.  Each session is divided into 2 parts:  Part A - Silk Reeling exercises 纏絲功.  Part B - Chen Style First Form 75 老架一路.  Members may choose to join only Part A, or both Parts A & B.  Meeting place is CH2 outdoors.  Lessons will be instructed by Peter & Selina Poon.  FREE to join.
  4. Chinese Opera Group 粵曲小组 - This group meets two times monthly on MONDAY at 7-9pm indoor Clubhouse 1, Dining Room #3.  The group will select different Chinese Opera song to practice during each session.  No formal lessons will be provided, but members will be advised by experienced Chinese opera singers.  FREE to join.
  5. Evergreen Line Dance Club 長青排舞社 - This is a registered club within LWV.  Please see their webpage for information about this club -




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