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Thrive is the online community where Laguna Woods Village residents collaborate and share moments, memories, and experiences through photography, art, music, writings, dance and videography.


Host Cyndee Whiteny interviews Diane Johanson, who, since moving to the Village, has embraced many new adventures. Is there anything this woman can't do?

Recreation and Club Calendar

​Looking for an opportunity to Thrive? Check out the Recreation and Club Event Calendar--there is bound to be something to interest you!

The Thrive Show January 2018: Fitness and Exercise

Meet several Village wellness enthusiasts in a tour of the fitness facilities and pools that will keep your heart pumping!

Meet Village Thriver Mark Rabinowitch

Say cheese! Host Cyndee Whitney interviews Camera Club President Mark Rabiniowitch about his passion for photography, and how it enriches his life.​

Thrive Buddy Valerie Link Introduces us to Three Thrivers

Aquadettes Coach and ​Thrive Buddy Valerie Link introduces us to three of her friends who are Thriving.

Thrive Guide: Find a Club that Interests You

​Laguna Woods Village has over 250 clubs and organizations, so there is something for everyone. Browse the list of clubs, and contact one to start thriving!

The Thrive Show December 2017: The Bocce and Social Club

​Host Mary Zolly talks to Gloria Stoltzfus and Valerie Baker as they share their enthusiasm about all the activities that keep them moving.​

The Thrive Show November 2017: Disneyland

​Scott Marvel takes you on a magical adventure to the happiest place on earth, transforming you to a child all over again!​


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