Guard Against Emerging Scams

It seems scammers never sleep—they certainly never tire of looking for ways to liberate you from your identity and/or cash.

Below are links to common scams. Be vigilant, stay safe and don’t let the criminals scam you! Read on for more ways to avoid becoming a scam victim.

Avoid Getting Scammed!

  • Protect your mail by enrolling in the United States Postal Service’s free Informed Delivery program, which lets you view images of incoming mail, track packages and more. Also make sure to remove mail and packages promptly from your mailboxes.
  • Don’t answer calls from phone numbers you don’t recognize or are not expecting. Do not give personal information to unknown callers and look up organizations that are supposedly calling you.
  • Be vigilant for fake emails and avoid clicking any suspicious links or attachments. Take note of the email address, spelling mistakes and signatures to verify the validity of the email.
  • Monitor your credit for free with and protect your identity with identify theft protection services.

In a world where scammers are ever-evolving, it's crucial to remain vigilant and informed. By staying alert and following these tips, you can safeguard yourself against potential threats and avoid falling victim to scams. Your security and peace of mind are paramount, so stay proactive and don't let the criminals scam you.

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