Laundry Room Etiquette

Laguna Woods Village is a diverse community that relies on the good neighbor philosophy, which extends to our laundry rooms. As you go about your laundry task, please remember these dos and don’ts:

  • Keep the laundry room clean. Don’t throw any food items into communal trash cans. Trash cans in the laundry rooms may not be emptied as frequently, and you’ll increase the chances of attracting pests and bugs.
  • Don’t deposit any discarded or for-donation personal items in any laundry space. If your waste isn’t appropriate for trash or recycling, set it out for a bulky-item pickup, or donate it to a proper facility.
  • Be mindful of your detergent, softener and bleach use. Using too much detergent or other products can leave unwanted residues in washing machines and push certain parts to degrade faster.
  • Time your laundry effectively, maximizing your and others’ time. Monitor your wash and dry cycles, taking care to not leave clothes in the machines so that others may use them. Set a timer on your phone or watch and change out your clothes when they’re done.
  • Don’t reserve machines by setting your hamper or belongings on a washer or dryer not in use. If you’re not actively using a machine, let another resident who’s ready to start their laundry take it. Wait until your clothes are finished washing to claim a dryer as well. Allow every resident an opportunity to get their laundry done.
  • Be prepared before using the laundry room. Be sure all the clothes you wish to wash are ready to go in a hamper, basket or laundry bag. Bring any detergents, softeners, dryer sheets, etc., with you to avoid multiple trips. Don’t forget coins. Bring your detergent and other items back to your unit after you’ve started washing your clothes. If you leave them in the laundry room, another resident may use them. Keep a separate bag with your soaps, coins and any other items you need for laundry so you can simply grab it on the way out.
  • Be kind when it comes to others’ laundry. Waiting for another resident to clear their laundry out of a machine will most likely be the most persistent problem you face in a shared laundry room. Never move anyone’s stuff if you can help it. If you can tell for certain whose clothes are sitting there, and you know those neighbors well enough, it’s OK to knock on their door and let them know you need the machine. In most cases, just wait a few minutes to see if the resident is coming back for their laundry.

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