Storm Watch

The National Hurricane Center estimates that Hurricane Hilary will reach Baja California on Sunday as the storm system continues to move northward. The Center estimates Hilary will reach Southern California as a tropical storm on Monday. Wind, heavy rain and hazardous conditions are expected throughout Southern California. Click here for more information and updates.

Resident Emergency Notification System

Village Management Services continually monitors municipal and government information sources and communicates any potential danger to residents via our CodeRED emergency notification system. In the event of an emergency or the need to broadcast critical time-sensitive news, CodeRED transmits brief, urgent messages to Village residents as quickly as possible via a phone call, a text message or an email.

If you are not enrolled in CodeRED, simply visit, click the black and red CodeRED icon at the top right-hand corner and fill out the form.

Please be advised that staff is actively monitoring the tropical storm that is supposed to hit on Sunday or Monday. Preparation includes review of the Rain Event Action Plan and ensuring staff throughout the company are familiar with their respective roles. The storm crew is on standby and prepared to report Sunday morning or when needed.

Disaster Preparedness Task Force

The Village has a strong and well-rehearsed Disaster Preparedness Task Force (DPTF) led by Security Chief Eric Nuñez, who has significant experience in emergency response management. All key VMS employees and the network of committed, volunteer Good Neighbor captains participate in annual drills to prepare for any type of emergency, including earthquakes, flood and fire. Read more about Village preparedness and the DPTF here

In addition, the Social Services Division is always on alert when it comes to the safety of residents.

Further, the Village’s Emergency Operations Plan aligns with industry standard protocols and addresses the specific threats Laguna Woods Village may face. The plan conforms to the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System, and has received the Excellence in Disaster Preparedness award from the American Red Cross. The Emergency Operations Center Activation Guide serves as a quick-start guide to the Emergency Operations Plan. The information contained in the plan details the guidelines and protocols that are essential for handling a disaster as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Local Resources

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department offers resources before, during and after a disaster.

Click here for resources before a disaster.

Click here for resources during a disaster.

Click here for resources after a disaster.

Alert OC sends voice messages, text messages, emails and TTY alerts informing individuals who sign up regarding emergencies that may require immediate life-saving actions. 

Click here to sign up or sign in to your account. 

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