Your Voice for the Trees

The collection of trees in urban/suburban settings is referred to as an “Urban Forest”; with more than 39,000 trees and more than 250 different species, Laguna Woods Village has a unique and diverse urban forest. Tree trimming is just one piece of an efficient, long-term maintenance plan of the urban forest. Most of the trees in the Village are mature trees, with many of them planted in the late 1960s. The sheer number and variety of trees in United are unique in the region and will require a long-term plan to maintain and manage the trees through the years, which is referred to as an Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP). Both United and Third have embarked on the process of developing such a plan, to ensure the beauty of the Village continues for future generations.

The proposed UFMP will take into consideration the age and condition of the inventory, develop an efficient replanting plan to maintain the inventory, as well as adapting to changes in the environment and the forecasted long-term drought conditions. A management tool will be developed that will incorporate resident input toward developing the plan. Community involvement and education is an important component of any successful UFMP program.

A short survey is available for residents to provide input on their values and needs in respect to maintaining beautiful trees in the community. Click here to take the survey online or request a hard copy at Resident Services. The survey will be open for resident input until March 15, 2023. 

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