Cost Redirect Means GRF Savings

As many who take advantage of Recreation and Special Events Department programs know, the internet-based ActiveNet application has been a staple used by residents to pay for facility reservations, classes, events and more where required.

Currently, GRF absorbs all ActiveNet-associated transaction and credit card fees for in-person purchases—but not online purchases.

On February 7, GRF approved Resolution 90-23-06, which states that residents will be responsible for transaction fees for online and in-person ActiveNet business when paying for certain Village amenities. Residents who prefer the convenience of paying via credit card will now pay the credit card fee. 

This action will result in an annual savings of approximately $35,000 per year for GRF.

The current online processing fee for combined transaction and credit card fees is 6.4392%. The current in-person transaction fee is 2.93%; when a credit card is used for payment, an additional 3.5093% fee applies.

Transaction fees apply only when registering for recreation programs that require payment; no fees apply when registering for free programs.

In addition, transaction fees do not apply to funds transferred from one activity to another or to check refunds. However, a flat $0.10 fee applies to credit card refunds.

Also, only check or credit card payment will be accepted for reservations, classes or events with fees—cash will no longer be accepted.

The new fee and payment procedure will become effective Saturday, April 1.

Please note that this will not apply to Performing Arts Center box office ticket purchases or golf fees, as both programs use other software programs.

The effects of this resolution will apply to any department or division that uses ActiveNet for in-person or online payment. 

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Unless otherwise stated, all meetings, events and amenities are for the use of Laguna Woods Village residents and their authorized guests only.