Landscaping Patrol During Big Storms

During big wind and rain events, the Landscaping Department maintains storm patrols to ensure resident safety, keep streets and sidewalks clear and minimize property damage. During these events, landscaping maintenance crews patrol the eight maintenance sections to remove fallen limbs, clear clogged drains and place sandbags at areas of high-water flow. In addition to these patrols, both contracted and staff tree crews are on stand-by in case of a fallen tree. 

In the Village and most of Southern California, trees are planted in irrigated areas, leading to shallow root systems. When the ground becomes saturated from rains, these shallow roots can lead to a greater susceptibility of trees falling. Three years ago, the Landscaping Department instituted a species-based tree trimming schedule, which has allowed more frequent trimming of trees, reducing the risk of uprooted trees.

During the recent storms created by the atmospheric river phenomenon, the Village experienced only a handful of fallen trees and only a dozen or so limbs down. There were no reports of flooding or clogged drains and no after-hour callouts for emergency tree work. Resident Services received approximately 15 calls regarding branches down; the majority of those calls were handled by the maintenance sections. Four locations in the Village requested sand bags; no damage was reported.

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