Proposed Garden Centers Fee Adjustments

Following a cost recovery study, the GRF board of directors will consider fee adjustments for Garden Center 1 and 2 plots to help offset rising costs of labor and utilities at its open meeting on December 6.

The fee proposal was first introduced at the November 1, 2022, meeting and was placed on a standard 28-day comment period. 

The proposal features a $15 increase to the annual fee for Garden Center 1 garden/tree plots (raising the fee from $57 per year to $72) and a $2 increase to the annual fee for shade plots at Garden Center 2 (raising the fee from $11 per year to $13). 

These adjustments will become effective January 1, 2023, if approved.

The garden centers adhere to the shared cost concept, whereby fees paid by members do not cover the full cost of the amenity. Consistent with GRF’s approved resolution 90-19-61, the proposed change would result in garden center members paying 32% of the costs associated with garden plots/tree plots and 18% of the costs associated with shade areas.

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