Rescanning Your Channels

GRF Broadband Services finalized the removal of analog television programming in 2018, but challenges remain for residents without a set-top box. Many with digital televisions plugged directly into the coaxial cable wall outlet may experience channels showing up at the wrong number and the need to rescan for missing channels. 

Residents with digital televisions might need to rescan their channels to get them to map to the correct channel number. Not all make and models are the same, so refer to your specific users guide for instructions. You can find instructions about how to do this for three of the leading television manufacturers here:

However, the best solution available is to rent a set-top box for $13.25 per month, which will immediately provide the following benefits:

  • Channels will map to the correct number
  • No more rescans when changes are made
  • Enjoy an interactive guide to replace Channel 3
  • Use whole-number channels, not subchannels

For questions or information about renting a set-top-box, please contact Broadband Services at 949-837-2670 or visit

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