Broadband Services Fee Update

In 2013, through Resolution 90-13-20, GRF authorized staff to charge digital services subscribers based on a revised fee structure to facilitate the community’s analog-to-digital transition. Fees went into effect May 1, 2013.

Since 2013, the number of digital subscribers has nearly doubled; set-box technology and digital transport costs have also increased. At the July 19, 2021, GRF Media and Communications Committee meeting, Broadband Services reported that fees have not increased since 2013.

The committee recommended a 5% increase in Broadband Services fees for 2022, and the Finance Committee endorsed this recommendation prior to GRF board approval. On October 5, 2021, the GRF approved a revised digital pay tier system fee schedule as Resolution 90-21-37.

Broadband Services fees will increase 5% starting February 7, 2022.

Action Required for Automatic Bill Pay 

The automatic bill pay scheduled through your financial institution must be changed due to the increase and to avoid late fees.

Please email or call Broadband Services at 949-837-2670 with any questions you may have regarding this fee increase.

To view and/or download the new fee schedule, click the orange button below.

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