Horses, Dogs and the Village

It’s wonderful to see so many residents enjoying the company of loving canine companions. For the safety of all Village inhabitants, it’s important for dog owners to remember some simple rules of ownership.

Dogs are welcome throughout the Village—except for at the Equestrian Center before dusk and never without being leashed. According to GRF’s operating rules, “Dogs are not permitted inside the Equestrian Center during the daytime hours. During the evening hours, after dusk, dogs are permitted only if on leashes.” (Click here to view Third’s pet policyclick here to view United’s pet policy.)

Like anywhere in public in the Village, dogs must be leashed at all times while on or near the equestrian riding trails. Some dogs have never seen a horse before—and vice versa. If seeing a horse frightens your dog, he may chase the horse. 

What a Dog Thinks When He Sees a Horse 

“I may be scared or nervous seeing a horse and react by investigating or chasing.”

Some dogs have never seen a horse before and they will react with a mixture of fear, curiosity or nervousness, which could result in aggression or chasing. Other dogs may see a horse and want to play, but the horse is unlikely to understand the dog’s intent.Dog breeds possess instinctive behaviors, some stronger than others. Understanding your dog’s breed may help you shepherd him through certain situations, including seeing and walking by a horse.

What a Horse Thinks When He Sees a Dog 

“If a dog runs toward me in play or aggression I may run away.” 

Horses are prey animals that run from any threat of attack; their natural survival instinct is strong and riders have little influence over this. A bolting horse presents very real danger for its rider and other bystanders, and can also entice a dog into a chase situation. The rider may fall and injure themselves if the horse moves quickly sideways or kicks out, and the horse may kick out at the dog and do some serious damage.

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