Sept. 17 Manor Alterations News Bulletin

Information, links and more

Beware the “Fore!”

Nongolfers who use the Clubhouse 2/4 path during golf hours must know the risks.

The GRF Board Wants You!

Get your application starting tomorrow to contribute to your community.

Beat the Heat

Cool it at Clubhouse 1, Restaurant 19 and Laguna Woods City Hall.

Answering the Call

Check out these stats on the volume of VMS staff phone interaction with residents.

Get to Where You Need to Go

Find out more about the City of Laguna Woods' taxi subsidy program.

California Gov Recall Election Voting

Get details on how, where and when you can cast your vote Sept. 14.

Water Supply in Peril

Don’t miss a special Village TV production, “Laguna Woods & California’s Water Crisis.”