Beware the “Fore!”

The Laguna Woods Village golf course is restricted to golfers with tee times from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 365 days a year. Historically, the path from Clubhouse 4 to Clubhouse 2 has been available to pedestrian and nongolf cart traffic during golfing hours, with the following understanding of the risks involved in using the path during golfing hours:

  • The perimeter access path is located within the golf course area of play; balls can be struck in that area.
  • In general, the trajectory of golf balls hit by beginners will not go in the intended direction. This places anyone walking/driving in the area in danger of being struck.
  • The path is close to the intended ball direction, and a marginally mishit shot will fly into this area.
  • Nongolfers will not know what to watch out for on this path or what a “Fore!” warning means.

Players involved in a reserved/paid round will be aware of their surroundings and be spaced to minimize the danger of being struck by a ball. Nongolfers should avoid these areas during golfing hours. Nongolfers who do use this area while golfers are present should:

  • Always remain aware of players striking a ball and where the ball is headed.
  • Stop and watch where a struck ball is headed and proceed when safe.
  • Stop and cover your head if you hear “Fore!” yelled by a golfer—this means a ball has been struck and is headed in your direction.
  • Remain conscious of a player about to swing and do not walk/drive your cart behind or in front of them. Doing so is dangerous and can distract a player from their game.

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Unless otherwise stated, all meetings, events and amenities are for the use of Laguna Woods Village residents and their authorized guests only.