Much Ado About Mulch

The recent resident mulch event June 24 through June 28 was a rousing success! Landscaping Services staff had to refill all three locations twice and ended up providing residents with a total of more than 60 cubic yards of mulch.

Mulch, generated right here in the Village by Landscaping Services, helps suppress weeds and prevent soil erosion as well as insulate soil, regulate its temperature and help it absorb and retain moisture, and more. 

All tree trimmings and trunks (7,600+ trees trimmed/removed in 2020) are emptied into a 800-horsepower tub grinder and ground into mulch for use throughout the community. This green waste processing produces 2,500+ cubic yards of mulch each month. Instead of hauling it away and purchasing mulch, $1.2 million is  saved annually.

Further, GRF, in tandem with the Landscaping Services Department, altered the mulching license to include Equestrian Center manure composting, which saves the community approximately $70K per year.

Landscaping plans on offering mulch day on a quarterly basis going forward, so stay tuned for future announcements.

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