Third Special Election Tackles Insurance

Third members may have heard reports of a late-June election regarding insurance. The news is true: Our mutual simply needs more manageable insurance requirements, and the Third Board of Directors hopes to address these challenges via a special election.

The sole purpose of this election is to revise insurance requirements. Third needs as many members as possible to vote.  If this ballot fails, in 2022, Third members face a yearly assessment increase of up to $93 per manor per month. All 59 mutuals are affected.

Important Election Dates and Details

Before the close of business today, Third Mutual members will receive via email a draft of the ballot wording along with a redlined version of the portion of the Third CC&Rs to be amended. All residents are invited to provide input on the proposed wording by sending an email to and placing Third Ballot Initiative in the subject line. The deadline for feedback is Wednesday, May 5, at noon. 

Third members will receive a general notice of ballot information, with details on what’s at stake, on May 7. As part of an education and communication initiative, the Third board will hold three town halls:

  • Ballot information meeting, May 14
  • Town hall for member comments/questions, May 21
  • Town hall for member comments/questions, June 7

The ballot package will be mailed to members on May 28, ballots are due June 28 and ballots will be tabulated on June 29 by inspector of elections UniLect. 

Participate in the Process

The Third board urges its membership to be an active part of this process. Members who may wish to volunteer for the Third Ballot Initiative Work Group are invited to email to share their interest.

As this ballot initiative progresses, further information will be provided via email, on the Village website and YouTube channel, and on Village Television (TV6). Stay tuned!

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