Arizona Pipeline/SCE Work Postponed

According to Arizona Pipeline, work that was scheduled to begin February 16 to upgrade Southern California Edison (SCE) equipment at five locations has been postponed for up to two weeks. Arizona Pipeline says the delay is not expected to affect the company’s proposed work completion date of April 30.

The SCE equipment upgrade work will start at the Punta Alta site in Third Mutual and then move to the four United Mutual area sites:

  • Punta Alta next to B3415. The existing vault will be relocated from adjacency to the curb/gutter in front of B3415 to the center of Punta Alta. 
  • Via Los Altos next to B685. The underground vault will be relocated and have a new underground vault and an above-ground feature. 
  • Via Alhambra next to B815. A new vault and an above-ground feature will be installed.
  • Via Mendoza next to B871. The above-ground pad area and retaining wall will be enlarged to meet SCE standards. 
  • Ronda Sevilla next to B882. The existing underground vault will be removed and a new larger underground vault with above-ground features will be installed. The existing retaining wall around this vault area will be replaced by a new wall to be built to City of Laguna Hills standards.

All Village landscaping, asphalt and concrete affected by this work will be replaced by SCE/Arizona Pipeline.

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