50 New Golf Carts Leased for 27-Hole Golf Course

The Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) approved a 66-month lease of 50 2021 Club Car Tempo Lithium golf carts and one 2021 Club Car Tempo Stretch four-seater for the Village’s 27-hole golf course. In 2016, GRF leased 50 2016 Club Car Precedent i2 with E.R.I.C. system for 48 months. The carts were used for daily rentals by residents and their guests. This four-year lease agreement expired on December 31, 2020.

Renting golf carts to residents and their guests is a key component of golf course operations. Golf carts save golfers from the physical strain of having to walk an entire golf course, they speed up play, and they allow residents without their own carts to play and enjoy the course with guests. 

Analyzing the number of private golf carts used by residents, residents without golf carts, and guests playing, 50 is the appropriate number of carts needed to keep the fleet in continuous circulation throughout the day. As a comparison, a typical 27-hole golf course with no personal carts would have approximately 120 carts in the rental fleet.

The carts, which use a lithium battery system and are lighter, provide several advantages over the existing fleet

  • No battery maintenance
  • Extended battery life 
  • Fifty percent reduction in electrical consumption and cost
  • Less wear and tear on the golf course 
  • Reduction in golf course repair costs

The lease of one four-seat golf cart allows staff to provide an elevated level of customer service by shuttling residents, guests and volunteers from the parking lot to the driving range during tournaments and other recreational events. The rental fleet also generates revenue to help offset rental and operating costs. 

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