All You Need to Know About Third's 'No Mess Vote Yes' Ballot Proposition

Third Mutual board members met with the community to further discuss the upcoming ballot proposition to modernize Third Mutual’s CC&Rs and bylaws in a second virtual town hall on Tuesday, October 6. A special forum also was broadcast live on TV6 on Friday, October 9.

Board members took member questions related to the ballot proposition to clean up Third’s mess of governing documents by creating one clear and concise set.

At the meetings, viewers learned how passing this ballot proposition will help ensure Third’s services are better maintained while protecting its operational reserves, all to empower board leadership to get a better handle on the mutual’s real estate insurance premiums.

Exponential increase in insurance premiums necessitates action now. The Village’s previous valuation of  $700 million has escalated to over $3.4 billion dollars. This five-times increase has raised insurance premiums astronomically.

The mutual needs 66.67% (4,000 votes) of all eligible voting members of Third Mutual to vote YES. Please note: Some returned votes are invalidated because the voting rules are not followed, so read your ballot instructions carefully when your ballot arrives. Your vote counts!

We look forward to your participation at this second virtual town hall meeting.

For more information or to volunteer to campaign for YES votes from all Third Mutual owners, email or call 949-354-4199.

Mail-in ballots must be received no later than Monday, November 2. That means that if you are out of state, the best practice is to mail your ballot as soon as possible so it can be counted. California residents should send mail-in ballots no later than Thursday, October 29. Hand-delivered ballots must be dropped off at the official ballot box in front of the Community Center no later than Tuesday, November 2, at 5 p.m.

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