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Notice of Board Candidate Lists, Annual Elections

In accordance with Civil Code § 5115, United Mutual Laguna Woods is required to provide members with notice of candidates and the election process per the mutual’s upcoming November 3 annual election of board members. To read the document, “Notice of Board of Directors Election and Annual Meeting of the Members of United Laguna Woods Mutual,” click here

In accordance with Civil Code § 5115(g), Third Laguna Hills Mutual’s annual election will be conducted by acclimation, as the number of director nominees is not more than the number of vacancies to be elected. However, this election will propose a vote for the restatement of Third Mutual CC&Rs and bylaws, and members are strongly encouraged to consider and vote on this proposition. To view the directors who will be seated at Third’s November 5 annual meeting, and to read the document, “Notice of New Directors and Annual Meeting of the Members of Third Laguna Hills Mutual,” click here

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