Coyotes in Our Community

Coyotes are everywhere. They are found in every corner of Orange County and do not require open space or “wild areas” to survive. Though far from domesticated, these animals are very comfortable living in close proximity to humans and have little fear of us. Coyote sightings within the Village are common, as we are located adjacent to their natural habitat. Knowing how to handle an encounter is important.

While not normally a danger to us, coyotes will display defensive behaviors if threatened or cornered, which is why it’s important to leave a comfortable distance between you and a coyote. If you do encounter a coyote that behaves aggressively, you probably are too close to its prey or family and need to increase the “comfort zone” between you and the animal. 

According to OC Community Resources, OC Animal Care, and other animal and wildlife government agencies, eradication and/or relocation of urban coyotes is ineffective. However, by practicing defensive measures, you can minimize the nuisance and prevent small pet losses caused by these animals. 

Take the following steps to protect you, your pets and your property from nuisance animals like coyotes and other wildlife:

  • Do not feed coyotes—ever
  • Eliminate potential food and water sources, such as fallen fruit and standing water
  • Fence off animal enclosures (fully enclose if possible)
  • Keep cats and small dogs indoors or supervise closely
  • Feed pets indoors
  • Store trash in covered heavy-duty containers
  • Keep yards and patios free from potential shelter, such as thick brush and weeds

Information and Resources

The Laguna Beach Police Department’s Animal Services Division will respond to situations in the Village regarding any coyote that is exhibiting aggressive behavior; is sick, injured or dead; or has had physical contact with a human or a domestic animal. To report encounters in such situations, call 949-497-0701 or email Visit the Laguna Beach website here for coyote information. The city also offers these four documents to help avoid, manage and appropriately respond to coyote conflicts and behaviors:

For information about coyote safety from the City of Laguna Woods, click here. A public service announcement about coyotes can be viewed at

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