Meet Newest Members of GRF Board

James Hopkins, Jon Pearlstone, Gan Mukhopadhyay and Sue Stephens have been elected to the GRF Board of Directors.

James Hopkins, a seven-year Village resident and Good Neighbor Captain, has 50 years of experience in accounting, financial and operations management, and entrepreneurship, from staff roles to executive management, as well as board responsibilities. He will fulfill a term ending in 2022.

“I have helped guide several businesses through difficult times and transitions,” Hopkins said. “It would be my goal as a board member to use my experience to provide input, analysis, advice and direction as Laguna Woods Village manages the current operations and prepares for the future.”

Jon Pearlstone, a 16-month Village resident who most recently served as a director and treasurer for the Third board, is a member of the Foodies and Chicago clubs, and enjoys softball, pickleball and golf. He has 20 years’ experience in business consulting, employee benefits program design, employee negotiation and education, and 10 years’ experience in California single-family and multi-unit residential property development and management.

“I have proven to be able to listen to the needs of our residents, and help them find solutions to their concerns,” Pearlstone said. “I also respect my fellow board members and know we’ll accomplish more working together to find consensus. I would be proud to join the GRF board and will commit my best efforts to making a positive difference that benefits our residents, our staff and our entire community.”

Gan Mukhopadhyay, an eight-year Village resident, is a civil and a geotechnical engineer, as well as a fellow and life member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. During his career, he held various management positions, and worked on civil/environmental engineering projects in the continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Argentina, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Australia and China. In Southern California, he worked on projects involving housing subdivisions, water and sewer pipelines, garage structures, golf courses, seismic retrofit and more.

“I can assist GRF effectively on engineering and management issues in the governance of the affairs of the corporation,” Mukhopadhyay said. “GRF governance can be more effective if it includes a stronger outreach program to get the input from residents at large on key issues and capital improvement projects.”

Pearlstone and Mukhopadhyay will fulfill terms ending in 2021.

Sue Stephens, a two-year Village resident, has 25 years’ managerial experience in state and local government, seven years of experience auditing operations effectiveness and efficiency, has formal training in a nationwide method for successfully managing operations during an emergency, advised high-ranking state government during system-wide electric grid emergencies, and has many years of experience writing, implementing and managing contracts. She will fulfill a term ending this year.

“I will dedicate my time and energy to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the Village while maximizing the usefulness of Village assets and operations for its residents,” Stephens said. 

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