90 Golf Carts Joined the Big Parade!

On Saturday, July 4, more than 90 golf carts joined the big patriotic golf cart parade held in lieu of the Village’s annual Independence Day concert. The display of spirit for country and community was an awesome sight, and a fun time was had by participants and spectators alike. 

Two parade routes, one starting from Clubhouse 1 and another starting from Clubhouse 5, ensured the entire community had the opportunity to take part. Participants from both routes vied for prizes for golf carts decorated in a “Most Creative” and “Most Patriotic” fashion. 

From Clubhouse 1, where 60 golf carts joined the parade, Joe Camera secured the “Most Patriotic” prize, and Bill Wilson won “Most Creative” for his artistic vision. From Clubhouse 5, where 34 golf carts showed strong spirit, Patrick Eldridge and his mom Marlene earned “Most Patriotic,” and Emily Tosh was honored with “Most Creative.” 


Joe Camera won the "Most Patriotic" prize for the Clubhouse 1 parade route.

Bill Wilson won the "Most Creative" prize for the Clubhouse 1 parade route.

Patrick Eldridge and his mom, Marlene, won the "Most Patriotic" prize for the Clubhouse 5 parade route.

Emily Tosh won the "Most Creative" prize for the Clubhouse 5 parade route.

Winners received certificates for dinner for two at Restaurant 19. 

“This Fourth of July we were honored to host a patriotic golf cart parade through the community in lieu of the annual concert event,” said Brian Gruner, director of the Department of Recreation and Special Events. “There were so many wonderfully decorated golf carts. This made it especially difficult to determine winners. We have received many positive comments, and we were happy to see participants and spectators practicing social distancing and wearing masks to keep each other safe. Laguna Woods Village is a community that consistently shows pride in country and truly cares for all neighbors.”

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