BBQs in the Village

Barbecuing is right up there with mom and apple pie when it comes to things that Americans love. However, in a community like the Village, it’s important that all residents follow guidelines regarding barbecuing to prevent fires and avoid property damage costs and potential harm to neighbors. 

Below are guidelines to help ensure the safety of all residents.  


  • Electric grills
  • Propane grills with a container capacity no more than 2.5 pounds
  • Grills that are stored in a safe manner in exclusive-use areas and do not obstruct walkways

Not allowed
  • Use of grills on balconies and decks
  • Use of grills within 10 feet of buildings or combustible material
  • Propane grills with a container capacity greater than 2.5 pounds
  • Use of a grill that creates a nuisance (excessive smoke or odor) to neighboring units

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Unless otherwise stated, all meetings, events and amenities are for the use of Laguna Woods Village residents and their authorized guests only.