How Technology Enhances Your Customer Service

Village Management Services’ in-house data-collection software allows staff to better track and illustrate the work flow of various work centers and care for the Village tree population.

In-Manor Ticket Close Rates

For tickets created by the call center for in-manor work only during the first two quarters of 2019, VMS’ average close rate in 30 days or less is 91%. The tickets completed for direct in-manor plumbing requests created by the call center is an astounding 99%. That’s 6,290 tickets out of the 6,329 calls for service being completed in 30 days or less. The 9% of work orders over 30 days are generally related to the complexity of repairs following a moisture intrusion incident.

Tracking Village Trees with Ease

The VMS Department of Information Services endeavored to work within the ArborPro system framework to extract important data in a way not possible via ArborPro’s application. Staff made short work of manipulating the program, and now data hyperspecific to the Village tree population, care and maintenance is immediately available to view, including number of trees by common name, trees by required maintenance, trees by pruning frequency, trees by condition, trees by street name and more.  

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