VMS Serves Thousands in Person, on the Phone

If someone were to ask, would you be able to guess how many residents VMS staff members interact with over the phone or face to face on a monthly or even yearly basis? If you were to answer with a general “thousands,” you would be correct!

The dedicated and experienced VMS team is committed to Village residents, servicing requests, maintaining infrastructure and 2,100 acres of landscape, ensuring the safety of more than 18,500 residents, providing fun and exciting recreation events and classes, and a whole lot more. 

Phone Interaction

Here’s a snapshot of how many phone calls just five VMS departments receive and manage on average per month and to date this year:

  • Broadband Services
    • Year-to-date calls: 28,355
    • Average per month: 2,836
  • Gate Clearance
    • Year-to-date calls: 173,208
    • Average per month: 17,321
  • Resident Services
    • Year-to-date calls: 98,702
    • Average per month: 9,870
  • Security Dispatch
    • Year-to-date calls: 38,675
    • Average per month: 3,868
  • Transportation
    • Year-to-date calls: 50,347
    • Average per month: 5,035

Walk-in Interaction

Here are how many walk-in residents just five VMS departments assist on average per month and to date this year:

  • Accounting
  • Broadband Services
    • Year-to-date walk-ins: 6,925
    • Average per month: 744
  • Community Services/Leasing
    • Year-to-date walk-ins: 13,588
    • Average per month: 1,455
  • Manor Alterations
    • Year-to-date walk-ins: 8,988
    • Average per month: 964
  • Resident Services
    • Year-to-date walk-ins: 34,059
    • Average per month: 3,676

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Unless otherwise stated, all meetings, events and amenities are for the use of Laguna Woods Village residents and their authorized guests only.