Third Mutual Turf Renovation Process Scheduled

Third board approved a contract with Andre Landscaping Inc. to provide turf aeration services as part of a multiyear effort to revitalize aging turf within the mutual. Beginning the week of September 16, landscape crews will begin preparing the turf areas for the aeration process. Aeration consists of punching 6-inch holes in the turf, which will allow moisture, oxygen and nutrients to reach the turf root system, enabling richer, fuller turf using less water.

The preparation process will consist of mowing the turf shorter each week for three to four weeks. This will reduce the thatch layer, allowing the equipment to fully penetrate the soil. Residents can expect to see more clippings on the top of the grass, and the grass will appear brown as thatch layer is exposed.

We understand that the general appearance of the grass will suffer in the short term, but once aerating is complete, the turf will be fertilized, irrigation restarted and bare patches filled. Shortly thereafter, the turf will bounce back greener and lusher than ever.

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