Do Not Feed the Animals in Laguna Woods Village

The Village is surrounded by beautiful wilderness, meaning Residents live in close proximity to—and come in close contact with—all kinds of wildlife species. 

Some consider wildlife as a nuisance or a threat to be avoided. Others who experience occasional visits from wild animals enjoy the sightings. Some well-intentioned individuals actively encourage wildlife to visit regularly by feeding them.

According to California State law, feeding wildlife is illegal. Here in the Village, both mutuals also prohibit feeding or attracting animals. In Third, Resolution 03-16-117 Care & Maintenance of Patios, Balconies, Breezeways & Walkways states “… Items that constitute a nuisance to one’s neighbors should not be placed in common areas or limited common areas. Examples are … food or water, which will attract birds, insects, or other animals …”

In United, Resolution 01-18-104 Clutter Policy states, “Items that constitute a nuisance to one’s neighbors should not be placed in common areas or limited common areas. Examples are, but not limited to, intrusive wind chimes, reflective objects, food or water that could attract birds, insects, rodents or other animals.”

If you see Residents/neighbors feeding wildlife, please call Security at 949-580-1400. Complaints may be anonymous.

There are many good reasons to not feed wildlife in the Village—or anywhere else: 

  • Providing food in residential areas often leads to property damage and unwelcome “houseguests.” Do not leave pet food dishes outside and secure garbage bins.
  • Providing an artificial food source causes mature animals to produce large families that the natural food supply can’t support. Overpopulation can lead to starvation and disease, some of which are dangerous to humans.
  • Animals have specialized diets and can die from the wrong foods. If a baby animal receives the wrong diet, even for a day or two, it can permanently damage developing bone and muscle. Other food items can even cause death.
  • Feeding causes wild animals to lose their natural fear of humans. The bold advances of a tamed wild animal can be misinterpreted as an “attack.”
  • Feeding changes behavior, often with catastrophic results. Feeding can cause death by preventing a species from migrating and causing interaction among species that usually don’t compete for food. You risk injury when you do not keep a respectful distance from wild animals. Wildlife may not know where the food stops and your fingers begin.

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