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Channel 3 Analog Guide Users Will Need an HD Device to Get New iGuide

After Friday, May 31, the Channel 3 analog television guide is no longer available to Broadband Services from any vendor. This means that a channel guide will no longer be available to those Residents whose televisions are plugged directly into the wall cable outlet. In order to receive the new digital interactive guide, Residents must rent an HD converterfor $7.95 per month or any of our other HD set-top boxes. Renting the HD convertergives Residents the most up-to-date digital iGuide available and eliminates the need for periodic channel scans—channels simply will display the correct number. The HDset-top devices also eliminate the need for decimal-point channel numbers, such as 7.1, 8.4, etc. To take advantage of the new iGuide by renting an HD converter or any of the other HD set-top boxes, call Broadband Services at 949-837-2670 or email


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