Lap Challenge Participants Swim the Distance

Imagine racking up enough swimming miles in one year to close the distance from Ireland to Wales. That’s 7,560 lengths, 3,780 laps or 108 miles! Meet the 2018 Lap Challenge participants: Kenny K. Cheung, 66.72 miles; Carol Dolan, 10.92 miles; Jeff Ehrlich, 71.07 miles; Bonaventure Eng, 18.42 miles; Norma Godfrey, 7.64 miles; Manfred Koppitsch, 111.71 miles; Hae-Ja Lee, 29.35 miles; Jan Levinrad, 63.78 miles; Michelle McDowell, 0.57 miles; Don McIntosh, 1.3 miles; Ming Robinson, 52.77 miles; Marilyn Wagner, 60.44 miles; Clark Yeager, 174.8 miles; and Ingrid Yeager, 174.8 miles.

The 2019 Lap Challenge is to swim the distance from San Diego to Honolulu—or 182,770 lengths, 91,385 laps or 2,611 miles. For more information, call 949-597-4273 or email


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