The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District (OCMVCD) has reported that activity of invasive Aedes mosquitoes continues to increase in Orange County with 26 new confirmed infestation locations across 25,000 acres in the county. Since the first collection in Mission Viejo in 2015, OCMVCD has confirmed a total of 92 infestation areas in 23 cities and two unincorporated locations. Aedes mosquitoes have been detected in Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Habra, La Palma, Lake Forest, Los Alamitos, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, North Tustin, Orange, Placentia, Rossmoor, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Stanton, Tustin and Yorba Linda.

Aedes mosquitoes are capable of transmitting numerous diseases, including dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever and Zika, although none of these viruses are currently transmitted locally. Aedes mosquitoes can also transmit heartworms in dogs and cats. The black-and-white aggressive day-biting mosquitoes lay their eggs along the waterline of containers. You can reduce your risk of exposure by taking preventive measures to avoid mosquito bites. OCMVCD offers the following tips:

•Dump and drain outdoor containers filled with water at least weekly.
•Clean out and scrub bird baths and pet water bowls weekly.
•Dump standing water from potted plant saucers.
•When going outdoors, apply mosquito repellents to exposed skin; reapply as recommended by the product manufacturer.
•Keep unscreened doors and windows closed so mosquitoes do not enter your home; repair broken or damaged screens.
•Outside, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants; choose lighter colored clothing.

OCMVCD urges you to inspect your property for potential mosquito breeding sources and to educate your neighbors about keeping your neighborhood free from mosquitoes. For more information, please call 714-971-2421 or 949-654-2421, or click here to visit the OCMVCD website.