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Brain Body Fitness Class

Get Hip about Your Hip Joints

Join Suze Angel, M.A., Feldenkrais Movement Therapist

 Are you experiencing knee or hip pain? Have you been told you that you have “bone on bone” and need a joint replacement? The curious fact is that even after a joint replacement and physical therapy, many people still do not walk well. Sometimes the pain travels to another part of the body and they need a second or third surgery.  Why is that? After working with people for 35 years in Laguna Woods as a Feldenkrais Movement Therapist, I have come to the conclusion that the clue is in the movement patterns that have developed over time. During the period preceding the surgery, the muscles of the legs, pelvis and back organized themselves to shift weight away from the pain. Simply replacing the joint and strengthening surrounding muscles does not change those patterns. It often makes a bad habit worse. What is the solution to this dilemma? Reprogram your brain, your “personal computer” with better movement habits and patterns. Learn to manage your joints more effectively. Avoid wearing them out with improper use so that you can stay active.

Clubhouse 2, Grevilla Room on Tuesdays. Cost is $10.

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