Wasteline Remediation

Buildings/Manors Tentatively Scheduled for August

144 – A, B & C
145 – A, B & C
127 – A, B & C
128 – A, B & C
119 – A, B, C, D, E & F
134 – A, B & C
135 – A, B & C
147 – A, B & C
148 – A, B & C

NOTE: Staff will need full access into all units/manors. Entry/access is required as we will be working on both interior and exterior pipes at the same time.

NOTE: Access to units/manors can be provided by residents/members being home, Key Ok permission granted, or entry granted by friends/neighbors.

NOTE: In addition to access into the units/manors we are requesting that personal belongings be removed from working areas (I.E. around toilets and under sinks)

NOTE: During the Pipe Rehabilitation planned work phase, we are requiring water closure/restricted use of water for the manors/units affected. Staff will release units as the pipe rehabilitation is completed for normal water use.