Enjoy Aquatic Fitness

Join Aquatic Fitness Instructor Casey Chavez for a fun total-body workout! Students will enjoy oldies and Top 40 music while getting a great workout.

Electric Vehicle Owners: Avoid an overloaded circuit

​Congratulations on owning an electric vehicle! Laguna Woods Village strives to be a green community, and supports your decision to reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint. In this article are recommended guidelines for electric vehicle charging, so that everyone can share the electricity without interruption:

Hide it, Lock it, or Lose it: Golf Cart Key Edition

The City of Laguna Woods has the lowest crime rate in Orange County, but we are not immune from petty crime.

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Get your RFID Decal

Gates 5 and 6 are open to all traffic and the gate arms have been activated. Residents of Laguna Woods Village must have an RFID decal on their vehicle to enter the community via the resident lane.

Have you been to the Par 3 Lounge yet?

Have you been to the drop-in Par 3 Lounge yet?