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Conducting Business in Your Manor

The City of Laguna Woods Municipal Code regulates a business conducted in a manor for the purpose of ensuring that there are no negative impacts on the neighbors.

When applying to conduct a business in your manor keep in mind

  • Your home should remain a home/dwelling and not be changed by the business being conducted.
  • Your business should not have employees working at the manor.
  • Business should be conducted only inside the manor and should not operate outdoors, including garage (whether attached or detached), patio, balcony or carport.
  • No signs or evidence of a business should be posted.
  • Only one room of the dwelling unit or 25 percent of the gross floor area (whichever is less) should be used for the business.
  • The business should not produce hazardous, combustible, chemicals or other materials that are dangerous.
  • Tools and equipment used in the business should not create smoke dust, noise, odors, or vibration beyond that typically found in a manor.

Several businesses which are not allowed in a manor

  • Escort or dating service
  • Fortune teller
  • Masseur/masseuse; in which clients are seen in the provider's home
  • Medical, dental or similar occupations in which patients are seen in the provider's home
  • Automotive repair, storage or other automobile services
  • Automobile sales and leasing
  • Junkyards, scrap metal recycling
  • Barber or beauty services, in which clients are seen in the provider's home
  • Carpentry or cabinet making
  • Bed and breakfast operations
  • Firearm repair, maintenance and sales
  • Construction storage yards
  • Equipment rentals yards

Any business that has a negative impact on the community is not allowed. For questions regarding conducting businesses in the manor, call 268-2337 Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you feel your neighbor is not complying with the above guidelines, dial 268-CALL and leave a confidential message and Compliance will send someone to check it out.