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Volleyball Club

Location and General Session Information

The mini gym at Clubhouse 1 has volleyball sessions scheduled every day of the week except Thursdays. Each session is designated as Advanced or Intermediate. Advanced players are welcome to play any day with the realization that they must accommodate less skilled players on days that are not designated as Advanced. 

Players who have not previously attended a VB Club session need to attend a Intermediate session first so that an designated Advanced VB Club Member can evaluate their skill level.  Designated Advanced Club Members will introduce themselves to new players and take them aside to do an initial evaluation by passing the ball back and forth with the new player. The new player will continue to be evaluated during actual game play after the initial evaluation. If deemed sufficiently skilled, the player will be permitted to play in Advanced or Intermediate sessions on a probationary basis. There is no set probationary period; if the general consensus among the other players is positive, the new player will be permitted to play at the level assigned to them.

The process is not overly formal or stressful. The idea is keep the Advanced and Intermediate sessions competitive and fun.