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Volleyball Club

House Rules

  • Advanced Level: Approval needed to participate on advanced level days. All new players must meet posted Advanced skill qualifications
  • Intermediate Level: All new players must meet posted Intermediate skill qualifications.
  • Club Plays By USVBA Rules Except:
    • No kicking the ball
    • No contact with any part of the net 
    • No parts of the body can be completely over the center line
  • Scoring:
    • Rally Scoring (points are awarded on each rally regardless of which team served)
    • Two teams: 25 points games, win by 2
    • Three teams: 15 point games, win by 2, cap at 17
  • First Serve:
    • The team on the basketball side of the court starts serving first.
    • If there are only 2 teams, after the first game, the losing team serves first.
    • If there are 3 teams, the incoming team starts in the serving position.
  • Assign Team Captains:  Team captains will be selected each time new teams are assigned.  The team captains will be responsible to lead the team by setting up the rotation, calling of questionable plays, resolving who gets the new arrival players, assign extra rotators and work together to reshuffle the teams to make them more even.
  • Extra Players: The winning team takes the extra player unless the team captains decide otherwise.
  • Ceiling: Anything that is BROWN can be played, except if it hits the ceiling on the opponent’s side.
  • Basketball Backboard: Replayed only if it interferes with play.
  • Line Judges: If there are 3 teams, the team sitting out calls the lines.
  • Cell Phones: No Cell phones….the only exception is for Medical reasons.
  • Safety:
  • Second ball is the setters ball unless he/she calls HELP.
  • Call the ball you intend to take.
  • After the play / volley, please roll the ball under the net to the server for safety of others.
  • If there is something on the court (water, oil, etc.), stop play.
  • If someone gets hurt, stop play.

Introductory Information 

  • Prior to the start of play, an attempt is made to create competitive teams by Board Members or other volunteers.
    • After initial assignments, adjustments to team personnel will be made if necessary
  • Usually all players, except the setter, receive serves and play defensive positions, with middle back playing in the "up" position.
  • Blocking
    • When blocking, inform your teammates so they are prepared to cover dinks.
    • Normally only one player blocks
    • Inform your teammates (especially the other blocker) if you intend to execute a double block.
    • Skilled blockers may perform a switch to block the stronger hitter on the opposing team.
  • It is common for some players to set the whole time they are in the front row by performing a "switch" after the serve with one of the hitters.
  •  6-2 and 5-1 offensives are difficult to run even at the Advanced Level due to lack of experience by most players.